Top Email Marketing Trends

Keeping abreast of current marketing trends can be tough. Luckily, websites such as offer relevant, actionable tips on the latest email marketing trends. Just what are some of those trends?

  • Animation with a purpose. Also known as meaningful motion, this type of animation in emails is stylish and subtle, such as an appropriate cinemagraph to add visual flair. (A cinemagraph is basically a GIF, only artful and sophisticated rather than comedic.) Meaningful motion is replacing those annoying flashing call-to-action buttons and other types of visual blight. The concept of the message should always be enhanced by meaningful motion. If it isn’t, it’s not meaningful and should be omitted.
  • Device specific experience. Email looks different depending on what device you’re using to view it, so your email marketing campaigns need to take advantage of that fact. Computers, tablets and phones all have different screen dimensions and different interfaces which allow you to engage with your customers in different, creative ways on each type of device. For instance, mobile users can enjoy hover state animation while laptop users will see a wider, scrolling version.
  • Clean, simple designs. Customers tend to glaze over an abundance of “Buy Now” buttons all over the place. Instead, a single “Browse the Latest” ghost button (those naked buttons used on minimalistic and “flat” websites) will replace them. Because email marketing needs to easily transition between devices, more simple designs with plenty of white space will be used. This is especially important for mobile users who need to be able to easily tap on the right button without hitting something else by accident.

Email marketing consistently ranks at the highest level for marketing ROI. One of the main reasons is because it continues to evolve. Keep current with these trends and your email marketing campaign is sure to deliver results.